Using a Drum Sander to Sand Complex Profiles – Steal this Unique Method from SuperMax Tools

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When it comes to woodworking the process of sanding complex profiles can be very frustrating. It’s nearly impossible to get every nook and cranny evenly. You typically end up with a rough job that was unsuccessful at getting an even sanding across the entire surface.

SuperMax Tools has taken notice of this issue and has developed a high-quality piece of equipment that will solve all of your sanding needs. With this tool, sanding complex profiles is no longer an issue. It works like a toothbrush and gets into every crevice with its bristled technology.

If you’re interested in adding this tool to your shop then here is a quick guide on how to get started with the tool’s use.

Before we begin it is important to note that the sander has several properties that can be adjusted to fit your needs. You will need to be aware of these while using the tool. Below is a quick summary of the primary settings we will be dealing with in this tutorial.

  • Conveyor Speed (this controls the speed at which the material is fed through the machine)
  • Head Speed (this controls the speed of the head itself)
  • RPM (the RPM rate controls the rotation speed of the wheel)

When first getting started it is recommended that you leave the machine at its default factory settings at first. Once you get a feel for how to machine operates then you can begin customizing it to fit your own needs more accurately.

So without further ado let’s get started with sanding our first piece of wood. Please use the following steps…

Step 1: Wood Selection

Select the piece of wood you wish to sand and then place it down flat onto the conveyor belt. It is important to note that the board should be placed at a slight angle so that the fingers are able to work evenly with the complex profile and result in a smooth sanding job.

Step 2: Activate the Machine

Press the petal down at the bottom of the machine to initiate power. This is what activates the machine.

Step 3: Power-up the Conveyor Belt

Flip the yellow and red switch into the upwards direction to power up the conveyor belt. Initially, the belt will remain in a still position but this will soon change.

Step 4: The Core Work

Begin turning the conveyor belt by rotating the black dial located just above the red and yellow switch you flipped earlier. Slowly turn the dial to full power and watch as the wood passes through the sanding wheel.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Move to the other end of the machine and wait until the wood has passed through the machine completely. Once this is done you can pick up the wood and then move back to the control area to power down the system.

That’s it! You’ve sanded your first piece of wood with the new 19-38 Combo Brush/Drum Sander from SuperMax. Feel the sanded surface and notice how well the machine was able to provide an even sanding across the entire surface.

If you’re interested in adding a whole new level to your sanding work then we highly recommend this product.

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