Review of SuperMax Tools 19-38 Drum Sander – A Solid Pick

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Many cheap drum sanders exist in the market which can do a pretty good job with basic sanding. However, such sanders fall short if they are made to tackle somewhat heavy tasks.

If you want to buy a drum sander that can deal with mid-level sanding jobs, you must get a machine that costs upward of a thousand dollars, such as the 19-38  SuperMax Drum Sander from SuperMax Tools.

The 19-38 is not a very popular drum sander, but it is a great product for many different reasons. If your aim is to deal with mid-level sanding jobs with your drum sander, this model can be a great option.

Read this review of SuperMax drum sander 19-38 to find out what the sander is really about and whether you should go for it, or not.

The Brand behind SuperMax 19-38

Before buying any product from a particular company, especially a drum sander, it is vital that you closely take a look at the company history. SuperMax Tools is a brand that has been associated with making drum sanders and brushes sanders in the US for a long time. The manufacturer was known as Performax in the past and released the award-winning 19-38 model discussed here in the year 2011.

Detailed Review of Supermax Drum Sander 19-38

The 19-38 Drum Sander is for those woodworkers who want a quality machine for a reasonable price, but at the same time, do not care a lot about the popularity of a product. Yes, the 19-38 is an award-winning tool, but there are more well-known models out there priced similarly.

This drum sander can work with most types of sanding jobs and can handle panels that are pretty broad. For instance, you can easily work with 32-inch panels without facing any problems. Regarding features, this model is not the most appealing perhaps, but it more than makes up for that in performance.

Quick Specifications of SuperMax 19-38

Dimensionally, the tool measures to be about 42 x 26 x 51 inches, and it can handle 19-inch in a single pass and 38-inch in a double. With a drum speed of 1740 RPM and motor power of 1 and 3/4 HP, it provides enough capability to tackle even many daunting tasks.

What does this sander provide?

For a sander that costs less than two grand, this model gives you a lot.

First of all, it provides variable feed speed. So, you need not worry about encountering any difficulty when dealing with different kinds of jobs.

First of all, it provides variable feed speed. So, you need not worry about facing any problem when dealing with various types of jobs.

Secondly, it comes with a load-sensing capability. Essentially, this feature allows the sander to slow down the conveyor in case the depth of cut set appears to be a bit on the steep side. This function may not come handy all the time, but in some rare cases, it can prove to be a real gem to have.

As far as reliability goes, most reviewers on the internet say that this drum sander is one of the most reliable they have ever seen. They are unanimous in praising this tool, admitting that it provides no nasty surprises. Some even think that this is an ideal everyday drum sander for anyone looking for something under two thousand bucks.

Coming to its durability, it can be regarded as a good model, again. As far as you use it according to manufacturer’s instructions, you should not have any issues prematurely.

Other than that, attaching the sandpaper to this drum sander is a very easy thing to do. That is because this sander features an ingenious spring-loaded belt-tension design for the purpose.

Regarding size, this sander can be regarded as pretty heavy. If you like heavy equipment, this should be good news for you. But, if you have a tiny workspace, this model may not work out very well for you.

For the most part, the SuperMax 19-38 can be regarded as a necessary tool. It does not boast of any innovative features or fresh functions. But, what it does is assure excellent performance in almost any situation.

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WoodReview TV has a great video explaining the functioning of this drum sander.

Pros and cons

It would have been wonderful if this drum sander had only advantages and no disadvantages. But, that is not the case. Here is a list of its main pros and cons.

  • This sander comes inside an excellent package and without damage, usually; this is rare for most other sanders
  • It can eliminate dust with real expertise; all you need to do is attach its dust port to something that can handle the dust
  • Although made in Taiwan, this machine seems sturdy and well-built from every angle
  • It is a heavy product, which means that dealing with rough jobs should pose no real concerns
  • As far as performing its job goes, this tool can sand surfaces without leaving even a single trace
  • The stand that comes with this tool is one of the most delicately made drum sand stands out there
  • As far as assembly goes, you may find it a bit tricky to handle; if you are alone, assembling it may be almost impossible
  • Some people may be put off by the fact that it is not made in the USA
  • The tool is only 110V, and you cannot rewire its motor for anything more even if you want to

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Is this a good buy?

The SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander is a good machine – there is no doubt about that. However, whether it suits you or not should be decided by you only. If you think that a machine that can do most sanding jobs like an expert is something you want, then purchasing this model should make you only happy.

But, be warned that it does not have many fancy features and other things you can play with. If you want a simple drum sander that can take care of all your jobs in a modest manner, you may go ahead and purchase this product. Also, SuperMax has an excellent support team, so should anything go wrong after a few years you can count on them.

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