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If you are thinking of getting a drum sander that costs in the neighborhood of a thousand dollars, the chances are that you have the JET 629004K shortlisted already. As a matter of fact, the 629004K is an excellent deal, considering its price. However, it is easy to get confused, and even bewildered, by the dozens of different reviews about the product present on the internet.

Because, as it turns out, no two reviews for the drum sander are the same. So, should you get this drum sander, or should you not get it?

In this short but comprehensive review, we will tell you all you need to know about this drum sander to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Who is JET?

Before we go into the nitty-gritty of the actual product, it is important that you understand who its parent company is. Well, as you may already know, JET is a very well-known name in the power tool industry at present. However, that was not always the case. JET started its endeavor around 60 years ago – in the year 1958.

At first, the company opened a small dealer of trolleys and manual chain hoists. But, by the time it was the 90s, it started crafting its hand and air tools, including woodworking tools. As the company has expertise in its field for over six decades, today’s JET tools can be regarded as some of the most sophisticated and innovative on the entire planet.

Introducing the 629004K and Detailed Review of JET-629004K Performax Drum Sander

The 629004K Performax is a 16-32 drum sander, powered by a 1 and 1/2 HP motor. This single-phased open-stand drum sander makes use of 110V. The sander is good for what it is worth and is capable of tackling most small sanding jobs. It is perfect for people who wish to deal with basic house remodeling projects and tasks associated with reshaping small surfaces.

This product is built in the USA and weighs about 140-pounds. As far as its dimensions go, the size measures to be 23 x 32 x 18 inches. Corded-electric in nature, this powerful tool can decrease sanding time drastically when used according to manufacturer’s instructions.

What this sander provides

The JET 629004K Performax is, quite frankly, a relatively basic drum sander. However, it comes with a host of different features. In fact, it has so many features that it can easily be compared to drum sanders that cost twice as much.

At its best, this JET can handle 32-inch wide stocks. Its 16-inch of length and 5-inch diameter come in handy when your goal is to achieve smooth functioning. Other than that, compared to its competitors, its overall precision and heat dissipation can be regarded as impeccable. The latter is the case because the sander comes with a special aluminum self-cooling feature.

When handling is the topic at hand, this sander seems quite charming. As you can adjust its roller pressure and height within a very short duration of time, you can sand materials quickly, whether they are as thin as 1/32-inches or as thick as 3-inches. What is even more interesting is that this tool can safely work with pieces that are quite short, about 2 and 1/4-inches!

In addition to all of the above, as this drum sander allows you to vary feed rate, you can take care of rough work that demands coarse grit and fast job, as well as of excellent work that necessitates slow feed rate and soft grit. The sander, apart from that, comes with two TEFC motors, both very much capable of working under dusty conditions without a problem.

Regarding the conveyor belt, it can be termed generous. But, that is not the best part about it. What is great about the conveyor belt of this JET sander is that it comes with patented ‘trackers’ that take care of adjustment needs on their own. In case manual adjustment becomes necessary in a particular instance, though, you can do that with the help of tracking adjusters found on either side of the belt.

Also, one remarkable thing about this model is that it comes with a dust port that has a diameter of 4-inches. That means, the issue of dust will not bother you when working with this beast.

Its pros and cons

Even though the JET 629004K is a fascinating tool in itself in more than one way, it has both pros and cons, as mentioned below:

  • The sander works very precisely, and its efficiency is commendable
  • The job of assembling the product is quite easy; assembly requires a very low amount of time, too
  • You can change its sandpaper to a different grade within about 2-minutes
  • The variable speed feeding feature makes cumbersome things manageable
  • Its dust collection ability is a real winner
  • Sturdiness is a major plus of this machine
  • Considering all the things you are offered, this model is undoubtedly a good value for money
  • With a weight of around 140-pounds, this machine is quite heavy
  • Getting used to it may require some time, especially for woodworkers who are not professional
  • Although construction quality of the sander can be regarded as good, overall quality control does not seem very impressive
  • In case you skip reading the instruction manual, you may end up wasting a lot of time when assembling the beast

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Is this a good buy?

For what it costs, the JET 629004K can be rightly said to be a remarkably impressive machine. However, it has its problems – although nothing major. Inside the package, you get a stand, an abrasive box, and a TufTool. As far as warranty is concerned, you are covered for 5-years from the date of purchase, and by paying a bit extra, you can extend the same, as well.

Overall, we think that this machine is worth buying, and it seems that we are not the only ones saying that. In case you did not know, this sander is a bestseller, which means that thousands of others think the same, too!

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