JET 628900 Mini Drum Sander Review – Small Yet Powerful

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The JET 628900 Mini Benchtop Drum Sander is one of the most popular drum sanders available in the market today. So, if your heart is set to buy the product, we do not blame you one bit.

However, before putting your money down, make sure that you read this review carefully. After all, you do not want to buy the sander only to be disappointed later, do you?

Here, we tell you all the crucial aspects of the sander you ought to know. Not only that, we give you a bird’s-eye view of its main pros and cons, and also, tell you whether to go for it or not.

Who is JET?

When it comes to getting a drum sander, the company matters. In this case, the company is JET, a renowned brand of woodworking tools in the present world.

Initially, JET began its business in Seattle in the year 1958. During its first few years, the company operated from a small hardware store selling lots of different stuff. However, after the 70s arrived, it started concentrating on metal tools. And, by the time the 90s welcomed the world, JET got a grip on making and selling its woodworking tools.

At present, the company builds woodworking tools that are very technologically, and functionally, advanced. The JET 628900 Mini drum sander is an example of exactly that.

Detailed Review of JET 628900 Mini Sander

A 1-Horsepower 115V machine at its core, this drum sander is a single-phase tool, capable of dealing with most small jobs. The 104-pounds woodworking tool is not only able to expertly work with grained woods, but also tackle most kinds of guitar sanding jobs. Dimensionally, it boasts of a size of 27 x 20 x 20 inches, which is not ideal for large jobs but perfect for many small and basic tasks.

Dimensionally, it boasts of a size of 27 x 20 x 20 inches, which is not ideal for big jobs but perfect for many small and basic tasks.

Main features of 628900

Although the JET 628900 Mini Sander is not the most powerful woodworking tool on the planet by any stretch of the imagination, it has features and capabilities that are worth respecting.

The machine comes with a large hand wheel, which makes adjusting it easy. Also, to assist you in working with relatively large surfaces, the sander takes pride in its 20-inch width.

Regarding features, it leads by providing variable speed control. You can choose any speed between 0 feet/minute and 12 feet/minute, depending on your need. Other than that, it comes with sealed ball bearings, which means that longevity is not something you need to worry about.

As far as consistency goes, the Mini makes certain that you get enough. It uses a steel conveyor belt, and takes delight in giving you the option to rely on patented ‘trackers.’ Its trackers allow you to relax by not having to worry about making any manual belt adjustments. In other words, if you want smoothness of operation, this machine can make you happy under most circumstances.

Further, to help you eliminate snipes and attain precision in your jobs, the machine comes with adjustable downward pressure and drum height. This feature, although not unique, can help you in many small but dependable ways.

In addition to ensuring the good things mentioned above, this drum sander scores high because it carries an on/off switch that is front-mounted. This may appear to be a small detail; however, it can help you prevent accidental startups and guarantee easy accessibility.

Also, its 1HP motor comes equipped with continuous duty, to make the chore of working for long durations a breeze.

Note, however, that this model is a drastically reduced version of the bestselling drum sander from the same company – JET 629004K (Read our review). It differs from the 629004K in not only motor power but also in some other significant ways. The former is a better choice for you if your primary concern is working with bigger surfaces and thicker woods on a budget.

If your requirements are basic and small, this model will suffice, though. That said, many reviewers of the Mini say that people give it way less credit than it deserves.

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Pros and cons

Now, coming to the advantages and disadvantages of the JET 628900 Mini Benchtop Drum Sander, these are the ones that stand out:

  • The machine is built well, so it feels robust and sturdy all the way
  • As far as performance goes, the drum sander works as advertised by its manufacturer; no surprises
  • There is minimal assembly involved, and the tool can be used almost out of the box
  • All of its features work quite well, or as expected
  • It allows you to change grit very quickly, which means that you need not worry about a lot of downtimes
  • Sometimes, the task of adjusting the conveyor belt may prove to be a pain, or somewhat annoying
  • While this machine is good considering its price, it cannot be compared to pricier variants as far as quality of craftsmanship and functioning go; in other words, you get what you pay for and nothing more
  • Learning to use it properly by making adjustments takes time, so the chances are that you will get better at using it after a few months down the road
  • At times, JET’s support may seem inadequate although not non-existent

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Shortly put, the JET 628900 Mini Benchtop Drum Sander is right for what it is worth, nothing more and nothing less. In other words, you get a lot for the price, but if you compare it to drum sanders that are remarkable, it falls short in few areas. But, if you are on a strict budget, or you have a limited workspace, or you need a sander to take care of only small jobs, this model can make you perfectly happy.

In the box, you get TUF tool, abrasive box, and some other things. Also, the model comes with a 5-year warranty which can be extended by spending a little extra.

Image courtesy (Jet Tools)

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