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Earlier, we reviewed Powermatic DDS-225, which is unarguably one of the most powerful machines out there when it comes to drum sanders. However, one thing that could bother you with DDS-225 is its astonishing price tag. We aren’t saying it’s unjustified, but if you are running a tight show in your woodworking garage, then you might want to explore a sanding machine that’s better priced and affordable.

Do we have some product like that? Well, we have got a close one for you. In today’s review, we are exploring and considering a powerful drum sander that is not as expensive as DDS-225, yet packs some great power and boasts excellent features. However, will that fulfill your specific sanding needs? Let’s figure it out in detail in subsequent sections below.

Comprehensive Review of Powermatic PM-2244 Drum Sander

Powermatic’s PM-2244 drum sander is an impressive machine that is packed with advanced features, such as a built-in control panel (LED) and also a Feed Logic to avoid overloading of the machine while offering excellent finishing outcomes.

The built-in control panel (LED) of PM-2244 offers a handy snapshot of the condition of the belt speed, the power, and even sanding depth. This particular digital monitor may be easily fixed to the height of display material in either millimeters or inches, and also it may be easily zeroed out almost at any point to calculate the depth of sanding accurately. Individual signals display whenever this conveyor belt is working and also as soon as this sanding drum starts operating.

This particular machine has a 5-inches-dia and 22 inches long sanding drum which will quickly sand the whole face of the workpieces close to that particular length with every single pass, or even, it may flatten the panels or even boards as much as 44-inches wide in 2 passes through flipping the end of the board at the end from a single pass to another. The highest thickness of the workpiece is 4-inches.

The Feed Logic

The system of Feed Logic continuously keeps track of the overload on the drum motor, at the same time; an-auto-pilot manages the pace of the conveyor motor to maintain the maximum feed rate instead of having overload. As soon as Feed Logic control is activated, the words are going to flash on the display panel as well as at the same time, the speed of the conveyor belt will adjust itself.

Additional Features

Another fastidious feature of this particular machine that stands out is the Parallelism Fine Adjust. Notably, this feature enables the table to get adjusted by drum carriage & removes the demand for adjusting the whole drum carriage. Drum carriage regarding this particular PM-2244 Sander is built of the cast iron to get optimum power and continuous performance. The steel hood offers a 4-inches dust port for gathering sawdust in its source that aids in preventing extra dust instead of escaping.

The conveyor system of the drum sander is constructed for safety and strength. Its reinforced steel, the precision-flattened conveyor bed, comes being built having a no-supply power feed belt just to make sure a toned sanding surface. The integrated outfeed/infeed tables offer 37 1/2 inches of support whenever running lengthier workpieces. The speed of the conveyor is variable from zero to ten feet each and every minute. On the other hand, an urgent stop ensures a fast shutdown of the sanding drum and the conveyor. Indicators on the panel blink (LED) right up until both drum and conveyor have reached the full stop.

The independent drive motors and feed permit optimum sanding control. This single-phase, 115V, 1-3/4 H-P, sanding drum (TEFC) motor grows 1,720 Revolution per Minute and also draws fourteen amps. This particular PM-2244 features an exclusive closed stand providing you with space for storage to get abrasives, and built-in, locking casters allow it to be simpler to move the 328lb machine close to the shop.

Features And Specification of Powermatic PM2244

  • This drum sander has a built-in LED Control Panel which shows DRO, belt speed, and power.
  • This is furnished with Feed Logic to make an outstanding finish while stopping the machine when being overloaded.
  • It has a Table parallelism feature which is adjusted via a dial on the exterior of the bed of the conveyor, removing adjustments to the whole drum carriage.
  • The secondary, total depth scale offers an extra height reading.
  • This drum carriage is manufactured to provide durability and even consistent performance in the long run.
  • This steel hood having a 4-inches dust port supply outstanding dust collection.
  • It has an emergency stop for fast shut-off large, and also the chrome handwheel helps to make adjusting the height of the drum simple and smooth.
  • Its belt tracking is built to lessen the requirement for adjustment manually.
  • It has integrated casters which make it simple to maneuver the unit throughout the shop.
  • The integrated outfeed/infeed tables provided 37-1/2″ support regarding the workpiece.
  • Drive motors and independent feed provide impressive sanding control.
  • No-give power feed belt and Cast iron conveyor bed (Precision-machined) give a flat sanding surface to get greater results.
  • It has sealed, and lifetime lubricated drum ball bearings for its longer lifespan.
  • It comes with a closed stand with storage space for keeping the abrasives organized.
  • The drum is detachable.

The Good

  • First of all, the most apparent advantage of getting your hands on the distinctive Powermatic PM-2244 is getting an extremely designed drum sander in a reasonably competitive cost.
  • The particular LED control panel is an excellent add-on.
  • This product offers you an outstanding modern look and feels while getting all customizable options and the controls in a single place.
  • The cast iron drum carriage of Powermatic offers the highest durability, however, at 300 pounds it might be considered as one of the disadvantages.

The Bad

  • Although it will certainly deal with the majority of work without having an issue, the smaller-sized motor is a lot less than the competitors in its category.
  • This sander comes in at 300 pounds only, but do not assume to be able to shift this from one location to another without any difficulty.


Priced right, we felt that Powermatic’s PM-2244 1 3/4HP drum sander and is an excellent machine integrated with some intelligent logic. The sturdiness of the product is excellent, and you will like the control panel of the machine as well.

If you are searching for high quality, overall performance, and low cost, then PM2244 sander could be just the one.

We hope you have gained a good understanding of this product in our review and hope we have done justice to this post. Appreciate your comments in case you would like to ask a question or add to this post.

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