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Drum sander drill press

Sanding is best done with the help of a drum sander. But, not every sanding job requires a huge drum sander machine! A large number of small sanding tasks can be taken care of by using a reliable drum sander kit for a drill press.

While drum sanders for drill press are not complicated kits by any means, there are some questions to which many people seek answers. Given below are a few of the most commonly asked questions about drill press drum sanders:

What purpose do drum sanders for drill press serve?

Drum sanders for drill presses can be used for most small sanding jobs on a variety of different materials. For example, you can use them to make the surface of a toy smooth. Or, you can use them on walnut or hardwood. They can be used for sanding glass surfaces, too.

Is working with drum sander with drill press difficult?

Most people find it fairly easy to work with a drum sander kit for a drill press. That is primarily because the learning curve is not very steep. Even if you have no prior experience, you should get a hold of it pretty quickly.

What rotation speed should I use?

Usually, rotation speed does not need much consideration. In most cases, 2000 RPM of the drill should work just fine. However, increasing the speed beyond the capability of a drill is not recommended. For instance, if your drum gets very hot using a particular speed, you may want to reduce the same a bit.

Can drum sanders be used on corners?

This is rarely possible. Most drum sanders for drill press have around design. Because of that, they cannot be used on corner areas. They are meant to be used on flat surfaces or slightly curved portions.

Do drum sanders require any maintenance?

Although there is not much maintenance work involved, from time to time, you may want to clean your papers. A quality sandpaper eraser should do the job well.

Is it possible to find replacement sanding sleeves?

Yes, you can buy replacement sanding disks for most drum sander kits. The fact of the matter is that it does not even matter what brand you go for. So long as the size seems fitting, the replacements should work without a problem.

My sandpaper unlocks from the drum kit when I try to sand?

This is a very common problem faced by people who have not used a drill press drum sander before. If your sandpaper is unlocking from the drum kit, it is very likely that you have not tightened the nut that is found close to the drum. It is important to do that for proper operation. Tightening the nut compresses the rubber, and as a result, the sandpaper gets fitted more tightly. Once you tighten the nut well, the problem should disappear and your sandpaper should stop slipping during work.

There are some other FAQs associated with drill drum sanders, too, but the above ones are the most common.

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