What You Should Know Before Getting the Delta Woodworking 31-481 Drum Sander [REVIEWED]

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Affordability and drum sanders do not really go together.

Of course, there are many drum sanders which can be bought for less than $1000, but most of those models only have the ability to perform very basic sanding jobs. They cannot deal with larger and heavier tasks, simply because they contain only one drum.

If you need a drum sander that is truly capable of taking care of most jobs, you need a drum sander that has two drums. A single drum sander just won’t cut it for you.

There are many excellent dual drum sanders available in the market today, one of them being the Delta Woodworking 31-481 26-Inch Dual Drum Sander.

In this comprehensive review, we not only tell you what the Delta 31-481 is about, but also inform you whether it is worth your money, or not.

Who is Delta?

Delta is one of the foremost woodworking tool manufacturers of the world. At present, the company has over 90-years of experience designing, building, and distributing various power tools, including table saws, band saws, planers, and mowers.

Innovation has always been a strong suit of the brand, but on an official level, it pioneered new power tools only in the 1940s. Other than that, its modern brand establishment campaign began in the year 1999.

Overall, Delta can be regarded as a woodworking tool manufacturer with a very solid profile and history.

Introducing the Delta drum sander – 31-481 – Detailed Review

The 31-481 from Delta is an excellent machine in its own right. It provides plenty of power to allow woodworkers to take care of tasks ranging from basic to medium intensity, and its build quality is no less than excellent. A 3HP power tool, this drum sander utilizes 230V when it comes to its primary motor. In terms of popularity, although it is not the most revered sander out there, it has plenty of admirers.

What this sander provides

With dimensions of 31 x 46 x 53 inches and a weight of around 500-pounds, Delta drum sander 31-481 is a pretty heavy piece of tool. It is for this reason that the machine can perform very well when confronted with rigorous jobs in cabinet shops and other furniture shops.

Even though it cannot deal with the most demanding jobs, as long as a job is reasonably tough it can deliver professional results every time without fail. Its depth of around 12-inches is one of its primary assets, enabling it to perform the way it does.

Coming to features available, this Delta drum sander boasts of a number of different bells and whistles; a few of them is truly remarkable! For one, it assures excellent tracking adjustment. Other than that, its tensioning ability is really commendable.

Also, its feed speed can be varied from 3FPM to 20FPM, which makes working very easy. In addition to that, the tool comes with two dust ports, in order to guarantee efficient dust collection and zero mess. Other notable features include latching top door for easy sanding wrap changes, magnetic motor

In addition to that, the tool comes with two dust ports, in order to guarantee efficient dust collection and zero mess. Other notable features include a latching top door for easy sanding wrap changes, a magnetic motor switch for low downtime, and rear roller adjustment dials for the level rear drum.

Its users seem to love it mainly because of its power, which has a lot to do with the presence of two drums. Most of the reviewers of the product claim unanimously that it lets them do their job without any worry in the world.

Even though the Delta certainly cannot compete with drum sanders twice its cost, it appears that the machine can make a lasting impression even on those woodworkers who are very particular about their projects.

Its pros and cons

Just like any other drum sander, the Delta drum sander 31-481 has its own share of good points and bad points.

  • Featuring 3HP and dual drums, the Delta 31-481 is capable of providing excellent power to help woodworkers deal with intense tasks
  • The drum sander has a very sturdy body overall, and its construction quality is remarkable
  • To allow for efficient and easy dust collection, the machine features not one, but two, dust collecting ports
  • It enables woodworkers to vary feed rate, which proves to be helpful when it comes to dealing with various types of jobs
  • The wooden package inside which the drum sander arrives is solid and is built to prevent the occurrence of any possible damage on the way
  • As the tool is quite heavy, weighing about 500-pounds, it is nearly impossible to unload it alone
  • It does not assure too many unique selling points compared to a small number of its competitors
  • Although able to tackle most jobs like an expert, the 31-481 falls short when it comes head to head with a job that is demanding in a true sense
  • It is not the most popular drum sander out there, so it will not impress you much if you look for popularity as a determinant of quality
  • Despite the sander having a relatively steep price, extra accessories are not provided inside the package

Is this a good buy?

So, is the 21-481 really worth the price? Is it worth making your own? Well, yes and no.

If you want a dual drum sander that provides a really interesting range of features and can take care of your daily needs on a consistent basis, this machine can prove to be your best partner.

However, if you need a truly heavy-duty drum sander, we recommend that you spend a little more and get something else. As wonderful as this machine is, the fact of the matter is that there are better tools out there.

But, if your only worry is whether this machine gives you the most for your money, or not, then the answer is a profound yes. That is because, in general, there are only a few drum sanders in the market which are as capable as this beast is. Also, the machine comes with a 5-year warranty to make the deal a bargain.

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