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Finding the best palm sander can be an overwhelming task given the infinite brands, models, and variants. Never mind, our team hooked themselves up, rolled their sleeves and dug deep into hundreds of hand sander models to create a condensed list along with detailed insights and palm sander reviews of the top picks that could save a lot of time of yours in your hunt for a good palm sander. Not only that, we packed a quick buyer’s guide as well, in case you are a newbie and want to know what aspects to look for when making your purchase.

10 Best Palm Sanders – Our Top Picks for 2021

Image Model Name Motor Amazon
DEWALT-D26451K 3 Amp Check Price
WEN 6301 1 Amp Check Price
ATDS Tools 2088 10000 rpm Check Price
Portal-Cable 380 2 Amp Check Price
DeWalt DWE6421 3 Amp Check Price
Festool 567863 RTS 400 EQ 6000- 11000 rpm Check Price
Ingersoll-Rand IR-4152 6000- 11000 rpm Check Price
DEWALT DWMT70781L 12000 rpm Check Price
Genesis GPS080 14000 rpm Check Price

Mirka MR-525
12000 rpm Check Price

Palm Sander Reviews – Our Ratings & Verdict for the Top 5

Of the 10 best-recommended palm sanders, we have taken the top 5 ones to present their detailed review that comprises of those vital pointers enabling you to quickly decide if the product is a right fit for you or not

Dewalt-D26451K Corded 3 Amp is an orbital sander with a cloth dust bag. It works efficiently with a 120 and 220 grit of sandpaper. It is built to achieve smooth and clean finishing. The fact that it has a trademarked controlled finishing system along with a 3.0amp and an easy to operate body with textured grip makes it unique. In order to keep the workspace clean, Dewalt – D26451K has dust back, seal switch. The durable design of this product is around out by ball bearings.

The 5-Inch Random Orbit Sanders 3.0 amp motor delivers a speed of 12000 OPM for smooth finishes, this is an ideal speed for creating smooth finishes for most sanding works. it is very light with anti-vibrations designs. The trademarked controlled finishing system of the 5-inch random orbit sander helps to prevent gouging at startup and the machine utilizes 5-inch, 8 holes, and loop sandpapers.

It has a 3years warranty, 90 days money back guarantee and one-year free service. The 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander is recommended as the best sander for basic work as it performs flawlessly job and has high dust control efficiency.

Dewalt-D26451K Corded 3 Amp orbit sander is manufactured by DeWalt. DeWalt is an American brand that deals power and hand tools for the woodworking, construction and manufacturing industries.


  • The products are yellow mixed with black
  • It has a height of 6.75 inches and a length of 9.5 inches
  • Its width is 13 inch
  • It weighs 1 pound
  • It has a plastic handle

Key Features

DeWalt D26451K Corded 3 Amp orbit sander has a powerful 3.0 amp motor operating at a speed of 12000 OPM. This is an ideal sanding speed for providing smooth finishes for a variety of works. The cleaning surface is usually clean and consistency due to the fact that its Control Finishing System (CFM) controls pad speed and minimizes gouging during startup.

The fact has a textured anti-slip top and body grip provide control and ergonomics during use. It can be used for an extended period of use and allows for extended control. It has a dual plane counterbalance fans that are tailored towards improving the handling while reducing the user’s fatigue and weighs at 3.4pounds.

In the quest to increase the longevity of the product, it features dust seal switch and sealed 100 percent ball-bearing construction to keep dust and debris from key components of the products. This is because excessive dust can affect the serviceability of electronic and mechanical tools over time.

The fact that the product is user convenience-oriented makes the sander to accept 5-inch 8 hook and loop sandpaper. This set up allows sanding discs to be switched forth and back, thereby maintaining an efficient workflow and utilizing the perfect grit.
The product has a built-in vacuum adapter bag that can be used for dust management during a critical sanding or skipping job. The 5-Inch orbit sander has a DeWalt full package warranty which includes three years limited warranty, one-year free service contracts and a 90 days money back guarantee.


  • It is highly durable. Customers that have used it confirmed that it can last several years and will still continue to provide the great and smooth finish.
  • It is powerful and makes the sanding job easier. This is due to the fact that is has a 3- Amp motor that could produce up to the speed of 12000 OPM, which is an ideal speed for sanding.
  • It has a textured grip that makes it convenient to use.
  • DeWalt 5-inch orbit sander provides comfort, this is due to the fact that it has an anti-slip top.
  • With its built-in vacuum adapter dust bag, it manages dust during sanding. This will lead to a clean sanding space.


  • The dust bag needs more improvement as it is too small.
  • It only has a hook and loop pad, there is no pressure sensitive adhesive pad.
  • The switch is made of plastic and it goes bad easily.

Wen 6301 electric detailing palm sander is designed to make sanding reliable and easy for the users. This sander makes sanding by hand more precise with the additional efficiency of 13500 OPM worth of vibrational power. The one-act motor sands away abrasive surfaces while the adapter allows for easy connection of dust collection device. It is very light and be used conveniently for an extended period without fatigue. It has a velcro base pad that makes removing and replacing of paper easily.

WEN 6301 Electric Detailing palm sander is manufactured by WEN. They have been designing and distributing power tools for years. Their creative and innovative research and development team have been playing a major role in developing different everyday tools like drill presses, tool chests, bench grinders, mitre saw, air compressor, generator etc. Their goal is to help woodworkers and artisans around the world to achieve their wildest imagination.


SIZE: It has a regular size
Weight: Wen 6301 weighs 2.5pounds
Brand: The brand name of this product is Wen
Model: 6301
Production dimension: 3.8X5.2X6Inches
Warranty: one year guarantee
Specialty: Intricate detail works
Colour family: Black

Key Features

WEN 6301 electric detailing palm sanders weighs about 2.50. This makes it easier to use during operation and it reduces fatigue when used for extended hours. This product has an ergonomic grip that makes it fits perfectly in the user’s hand during usage. This brings about comfort and control of the sander during usage.

WEN 6301 electric sander has a hook and loop base pad that makes it very easy to remove and replace sandpaper. It has 1 amp motor that produces a speed of 13500 orbits per minutes sanding power. It has a dust collection adaptor port that allows dust bag to be fixed into it. This will bring about a clean sanding space as the sanding dust will be managed by the dust bag.
They can reach tight corner for precision work during sanding. This is due to the fact that it has an angled tip. It makes use of 80 grit sandpaper during sanding.


  • It is simple and inexpensive. You don’t need to possess certain skills before it can be used and it can easily be afforded by people with low budget.
  • It has a speed of 13500 OPM. This makes it faster when using it.
  • It has a hook and loop base that makes it easy to remove and replace sandpaper
  • It is very light. This enables users to use it conveniently and comfortably.
  • It usually fits perfectly when in use, this is due to the fact that it has an ergonomic grip. With this feature, users can do sanding work with this sander for an extended period without fatigue.
  • It doesn’t make excessive noise while using it.


  • Sometimes the sandpaper doesn’t stay in the hook/loop pad, this makes it impossible to sand.
  • It is not reliable as it can easily switch off while using.
  • It is not durable – it usually works effectively initially after a while it will stop working for no obvious reason.

ATDS Tools 2088 6” Random Orbit Palm Sander

ATDS Tools 2088 6” Random Orbit Palm Sander is a lightweight machine with a compact design. It has low vibration and ergonomic grips for more comfort and less fatigue when working for an extended period. With an average air consumption of 2.8 CFM and a minimum compressor of 2hp. With a working pressure of 90 PSI and 10000 RPM free speed, it is perfect for sanding, feathering, pre-paint preparation and touch-up work. It is easy to use and has an adjustable flow rate for speed. The fact that this machine is easy and comfortable to use a couple with the fast-finishing it provides, most people are now using it for both household and industrial job.

ATDS Tools 2088 6” Random Orbit Palm Sander is manufactured by ATDS Tools. ATDS Tools has been providing professional automotive tools and equipment at competitive prices for over four decades. ATDS Tools and equipment are tested by an independent laboratory as well as in the field upon production. This is to ensure that they meet the professional performance and durability the users expect from them.


Brand: ATDS Tools
Model: 2088
Production Dimension: 12×12×12 inches
Size: 6 inches
Assembled products weight: 3pounds
Colour: multicolor
Working pressure: 90 PSI
Free speed: 10 000 RPM
Air Inlet Thread: ¼ “ NPT
Hose Size: 3/8 “


ATDS Tools 2088 6” Random Orbit Sander features ergonomic grip and low vibration which provide comfort to users when working for an extended period without fatigue. It assures a swirl-free finishing due to its variable speed and random orbit features.

The working surface is always clean and smooth this is due to the fact that it has a premium face pad that always keeps the working surface clean. It has a sanding pad of 6” inches diameter and the machine is used for paint preparation, sanding, feathering and touch-up work.


  • The premium face pad makes the working surface it suitable for comfortable and continuous sanding.
  • Its variable speed control feature helps to control speed if the sander.
  • It is lightweight and has a compact design which makes it easy to use.
  • The working of the sander is improved the low vibration and ergonomic grips.
  • It’s one of the cheap palm sander and easy to use.
  • The sander ensures pure working condition because there is a proper dust removal system.
  • With proper maintenance, it is durable.
  • It provides smooth finishes for both household and some industrial jobs.


  • The sander does not have hook and loop, users have to buy themselves at times they are very difficult to fix.
  • The compressor uses a lot of air, this makes the working of the sander time-consuming.

Portal-Cable 380 1/4 Sheet Orbital Finish Palm sander operates with a 2.0 amps motor that works at a speed of 13500 RPM. This speed makes it possible to provide superior finishes to materials. It reduces fatigue during operation and has a durable switch life. The switch is dust sealed, therefore there is no ingestion of dust into the switch. It is a compact design tool that can do almost all sanding job ranging from household to moderate industrial sanding.

Portal-Cable have been providing quality power tools to professional woodworkers, tradesman tailored towards delivering high-quality and professional outcome at an excellent value.


Length: 9 inches
Width: 4.5 inches
Height: 5.25 inches
Weight: 2.3lbs
Orbit diameter: 1/16 inch
Sheet Size: 1/4 inch speed.


Portal-Cable 380 1/4 orbital finish palm sander has a 2.0 Amp motor operating at a speed of 13500 RPM, this enables it to provide a superior finish. Its dual plane, counterbalance low vibration design reduces workers fatigue during usage.

Portal-Cable 380 has a switch that is dust- sealed which provide protection against dust ingestion into the switch. This will ensure the durability of the switch. It can be used for almost all sanding tasks including household and moderate industrial tasks. It is a sealed 100% ball bearing construction. It has a good dust collection system.


  • Portal-Cable 380 has a dual plane, counterbalanced low vibration design which reduces users fatigue during operation.
  • It provides aggressive sanding, this will bring about better output.
  • It is an appropriate choice for sanding as the brand provides certified frustration-free tools which include; 3 years limited warranty, 1-year free service contracts and 90 days money back guarantee.
  • It is cheap and durable
  • It has a highly efficient motor with functional speed
  • It has high sand retention unit.


  • It doesn’t have a dust collector hook up.
    Some users complained that the sanding pad of the machine isn’t properly flat, thus they had to change it.
    Users are of the opinion that they are using an unfair marketing technique.

The Dewalt Dwe6421 5” Random Orbit sander is an electrically powered sander with a 3.0 Amp operating at 12000 RPM. It has an improved dust sealed switch protecting the switch against dust ingestion thereby ensuring the durability of the switch. Its counterweight design reduces vibration and increases control of the machine, this will bring about nice finishes. It is cost effective while operating efficiently and effectively with an increased level of precision.

This high-performance users friendly sander enables the users to keep their eyes keenly to the sanding surface while maneuvering the machine. This is because it has a reduced height and compatible size.

DeWalt Dwe6421 5” has an improved dust collection. The dust back is innovatively designed with a one-hand locking system. The dust port is designed to be compatible with DW010 or DW012 dust collectors. It has a rubber over-mold in all its core areas.

DeWalt is a worldwide American brand that deals with power and hand tools for the woodworking, construction, and manufacturing industries. It is a company under Stanley Black and Decker.


  • 3 amps motor
  • Dust sealed switch dust collector
  • Speed of 12000 OPM
  • Pad break
  • Height of 140MM
  • Orbit diameter 3/32
  • 5” hook and loop paper size/type
  • The weight of 2.5lbs.


DeWalt Dwe6421 5” features a motor of 3.0 amp that operates at a speed of 12000 orbits per minutes. This speed will bring about better sanding performance. In order to improve the comfort when using this machine, a separate counterweight is designed to reduce vibration.

The reduced height and compatible size enable the user to get closer to the sanding surface. It has a rubber over-mold in all critical areas. The machine features an improved dust sealed switch which protects the switch against dust ingestion, this will make the switch durable.

The dust port of the equipment is designed to be compatible with DWV010 and DWV012 Dust collectors. There is the inclusion of helpful manuals, dust bag and carrying case. This machine is used for sanding – Woods, Metals, And Plastics.


  • It is preferably by amateurs because it is easy to handle and has a compatible size.
  • It is well built and powerful as it provides a quality finish.
  • It is a reliable tool for sanding due to the fact that it has an ergonomic grip that allows a firm grip and easy control.
  • The effectiveness of this equipment is enhanced by its efficiency in power consumption. This is because it operates on 3.0 amp RPM.
  • The rubber padding helps to minimize vibration.
  • This machine is pleasurable to work with due to its smooth quiet operation and good dust control system.


  • The dust bag is not reliable as it may blow off during usage
  • It is not effective when using it in big projects.
  • Some users prefer a variable speed version to DeWalt Dwe6421 5”

Introduction To Palm Sanders

Accuracy and nice finishing are important requirements for any woodworking task. Neatly polishing of the wood is essential to improve its look and to ensure that it is durable.Sander is a powerful tool designed to smooth rough surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper. Being a subset of sander family, the handheld sander is quite an effective tool to give the wood a perfect look and a smooth surface. Sometimes, they are also referred as finishing sanders.

The palm sander is essentially an electrical portable handheld sander that has a vibrating or orbital base to which sandpaper is attached for final sanding. It’s called a palm sander because it fits into the palm of one hand comfortably during usage. Due to the fact that it is relatively small with a “triangular” shape, it can be used to sand the corners. It is a good choice for most home improvement tasks involving sanding but will not necessarily do all the tasks. It is more economical than other types of sanders and it has an interchangeable disc that makes nice finishing by providing a distinguishable level of smoothness.

General Features Of Palm Sanders

POWER AND SANDING PERFORMANCE: They operate smoothly and quietly. The smooth operation of palm sander is what makes it unique as vibration can lead to hand discomfort and even numbness.

ERGONOMICS: The fact that palm sanders are portable and easy to handle, it enhances efficiency in usage.

DUST COLLECTION: Palm sanders always have an attached extraction bag that helps to reduce the spread of harmful dust when sanding the wood surface.

EASY TO CHANGE PAPER: Most palm sanders have clamps which are designed to take a quarter sheet of regular sandpaper.

WEIGHT: They are very light, this makes it easy for users to use it effectively.

Palm Sander Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Right One?

Smoothing a surface can be very excruciating and tedious when with hand and sandpaper as it used to be in the past. However, advancement in technology has replaced those cumbersome methods of smoothing the surface with sophisticated machines. Using electrically powered sanders is the quickest and easiest way of sanding wood smoothly. A palm sander is the best way of making the tedious task a little pleasant.

Palm sanders are tools which are connected to the electrical source and are designed to achieve a smooth finishing on a piece of work. The best hand sander is a one that is handheld without subjecting the users to fatigue after a long period of using it. The palm market is really very challenging for potential buyers to figure out. This is because they are very similar and their stat lines are identical. Not all of them will fit their requirements. In choosing the best palm sander, the following factors should be considered;


This is one of the factors user consider when choosing a palm sander. There is a different model of palm sanders with their power level. The amount of power most buyers need is a function of how serious and tedious the job will be and how long they are going to spend on the job. Some of them have variable speed, which allows the users to adjust the power base on the type of work they are doing.

Generally, the palm sanders/finishing sanders do not require a lot of power. Their orbit per minutes differs and rename from 7000 to 14000 OPM. Some are more aggressive than others in terms of material removal. This is because the orbit speed per minutes of each model differs. To have a neat finishing on your final woodwork or other surfaces, it is better to select a less aggressive model of palm sander in terms of speed as this will enable the users to have better control over it putting safety into consideration.


Another factor users consider when choosing a palm sander is how durable issue the sander. There are different models of palm sanders by different manufacturers. Some are more expensive than others due to some additional features some manufacturers added to their products. Basically, the best way to know how durable a particular palm sander model will be is to go through the review of the products by other users on Amazon.

Read Reviews

Going through well-researched palm sander reviews, you should be getting first-hand information about specs, features, pros, and cons of the product. Well researched reviews of hand sanders also save your time which would have otherwise invested in personally scanning through hundreds of products.

Vibration Control

Vibration control is an important factor to be considered when choosing a palm sander. Some palm sanders have a vibration suspension system that minimizes the amount of vibration that comes to the hand. Most manufacturers like Bosh and Dewalt have palm sanders model with these features.

Dust Extraction

Due to the fact that sanding comes with a lot of dust which is can be harmful to our health, users always consider the dust extraction capacity of palm sanders before they choose. Some have come with dust bag while others, you will need to get extractors. Sometimes, users also consider the size of the dust bag when selecting the right machine. Depending on the financial capacity of the user, he may decide to buy palm sanders without dust bag and fix a vacuum extractor himself. This usually occurs mainly when there are unique features other than dust bag that is in a particular palm sander the user is interested in. Owing to these aspects, it’s a no-brainer to prefer a palm sander with a dust collector.


Irrespective of the model of palm sanders people are buying, they tend to consider their budget. They balance their budget with the products regarding the quality, ease of use and fair pricing tool. What buyers should be looking out for is the quality, vibration control, ergonomic and power of the palm sanders rather than the manufacturer names.

Due to the fact that some manufacturers have been in the market for a long time, they have created a brand name for themselves, this makes their products extra expensive. There are other new manufacturers in the market that offer good quality products at very fair and affordable prices.

Ease of Use

Most users of palm sanders always prefer buying the ones that are simple and easy to use rather than complex ones. They look for features like simple maintenance, easy replacing of sandpaper and how simple it is to operate during sanding. Generally, a good product should have a manual that gives users simple steps on how it is being operated. They should offer comfort to users that they don’t need to strain themselves at all when using it.

Types Of Palm Sanders

There are two types namely;

Electric Ones: Electrical palm sander has made the work of sanding easier than using sandpaper. The caution has to be exercised when using electrical palm sanders, this is due to the fact that they are very fast. They can easily destroy the surface that is being smoothed.

Air Driven: Air palm sanders are powered by air vacuum. They offer decent sanding results with minimum efforts. They usually provide a swirl-free and scratch-free finishing.

The palm sander works by vibrating in a partial circular pattern. This will bring about a sanding action that will smooth the surface of the wood being sanded. Due to the fact that they can handle both finish and rough sanding, it is considered very versatile. However, it is important to observe some safety measures when using palm sanders, some of the recommended safety measures to apply when using these types of sanders are;

How To Use?

Palm sander can handle many small tasks. Most users who have practiced and learned the operation of the tool, they tend to regard it as their best tool due to its portability and great versatility. Below are simple instructions for operating a sander;

Sand Paper Choice: The first step in operating a palm sander is to choose sandpaper based on the surface you are smooth. When the surface is rough, coarse grit sandpaper will be a better choice. The paper will usually between 60 to 80 grit paper. When the surface is getting smoother, a finer grit of sandpaper is used. This is usually 100 grit paper.

Insert Sand Paper: The model of the palm sander has to be considered when inserting sandpaper. In some models, you can insert the third sheet of sandpaper while other models you can attach the quarter sheet. Always ensure that sandpaper is secured tightly when attached to the sander.

Start the Sanding:  Switch on the palm sander and apply pressure gently to the surface you want to sand. Move in one direction only for fine finishing. Do not move back and front on a given spot as this will produce a visible scratch on the surface.

Wipe and Switch:  After passing through the surface with a coarse grit sandpaper, you wipe the surface with a cloth and switch over to a finer grit paper. Repeat the process above continuously until it gets to your desired smoothness.

Hard to Reach Area: At this stage, you switch your palm sander to a triangle base so as to reach some areas that the normal circular or rectangle shaped paper or pad cannot reach. However, if your palm sander doesn’t have the capacity to switch to a triangular base, you will have to do the final finishing of those hard to reach areas manually with your hands.

If you need a graphic guide, then below video by eHowHome is pretty informational.

Safety Measures to Keep in Mind While on the Job

  • As for safety measures against electrical fault, the machine should be plugged into a Residual Circuit Breaker(RCB).
  • Always give full attention to the manufacturer’s instruction manual and adhere strictly to the written instructions.
  • Always seek training from an experienced person, preferably an instructor before using any tool power tool. And interestingly, this might not hold true if you are yourself a perfect woodworker (most of our readers are) 
  • Goggles should be worn always to protect eyes from dust and a face mask to prevent breathing harmful particles.
  • Always ensure that the main cable is well fixed and will not be tripped over.
  • Attach a dust extraction bag to the palm sander to reduce the spread of harmful dust.
  • Cramp the material to be sanded to a firm workbench before proceeding with the sanding

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Palm Sanders

What is a hook and loop in palm sanders?
Hook and Loop are commonly known as Velcro. The Sander’s base has the hook while the sandpaper disk has the loop side. Once the disk is fixed to the base of the sander, it becomes a hook and loop.

What is the effect of the vibrations of a palm sander on the user’s hand?
The vibration has little or no effect on the user’s hand. This is due to the fact that it has an ergonomic grip that makes the users be less fatigue even after using it for an extended period.

Do all palm sanders come with a Sandpaper pad?
Some come with sandpaper pad and others don’t come with it. However, it is advisable you get a sandpaper pad. You can get a full sheet and cut it into three, it will be more economical.

Is difficult to find replacement sandpaper for some of the palm sanders?
No, it is not difficult, any hardware shop will sell it.

Can I remove a stain from a wooden door with a palm sander?
Yes sure. Sanders such as Dewalt Dwe6421k are perfect for the job. Use 100 to 120 grit of sandpaper to sand it properly, as the stain may be deeper than expected.

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