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Belt Sander

Sanding sometimes gets quite a boring job. It costs a lot of time; there is no thrill in it, and above all, it is tedious. But without the art of sanding, all your hard work about sanding will not pay off. The hefty amount of work that you have done will go in vain, and there will be no one to celebrate. Fortunately, after the introduction of a variety of talented equipment, which is designed to shape metal, a wood without sweating a lot, helping you out to do a good job.  An appropriate tool like a belt sander comes in as a boon in such situations. We have created this guide to help our readers to understand what it takes to spot a good belt sander and also our shortlisted collection of the 5 best belt sanders along with their short reviews.

Belt sander is like a skilled laborer. It is integrated to finish the thrilled jobs that will be monotonous physically. A belt sander will penetrate quickly into the core and do the required work for you. With its quick, and marvelous touch on sanding, you will forget about those hard old days.

Best Belt Sanders 2021 – Our Top 5 Picks

Our team conducted extensive research, considering various parameters that would qualify the product into the top leagues. Here are our reviews for the top 5 belt sanders.
Image Model Name Power/Motor Voltage
Makita 9403 11 Amp Motor Yes Check Price
Porter Cable Variable Belt Sander 12 Amp Motor Yes Check Price
Hitachi SB8V2 Belt Sander 9 Amp Motor Yes Check Price
WEN 6502 4.3 Amp Motor Yes Check Price
Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander 7 Amp Motor Yes Check Price

Belt Sander Reviews of Top 5 Picks

Makita 9403 Belt Sander

Belt Dimensions : 4″ X 24″

When we talk about a noise-free work at a lightning fast pace, there is none better than Makita belt sander. It produces a sound of 84 decibels only, with a crushing swiftness of 1640 feet per minute to wipe off the rugged material. To give you the best comfort while working, there is a huge front handle. The total weight of the machine is only 13 pounds, and guess what, it has a 1-year complete warranty with a top notch Labyrinth construction seals motor.

Makita sander comes with an ultra-effective dust collector, which rotates 360 degrees. The machine minimizes the workload for you by functioning effectively. This machine is double insulated, which makes it even safe and user-friendly for you. The electric supply required for this Makita is only 115 volts. The lower power requirement of this machine saves you from the trouble of tripping breaker. The belt of this machine is easily changeable.

This machine is double insulated, which makes it even safe and user-friendly for you. The electric supply required for this Makita is only 115 volts. The lower power requirement of this machine saves you from the trouble of tripping the circuit breaker. The belt of this machine is easily changeable.

For working at a faster pace, without wasting much time, you can remove the dust at a quicker rate. And this machine works and outsmarts others with its performance. To save you from the trouble of using and buying a long extension, this machine has a pre-equipped long extension and one of the best belt sanders for the money.

  • Noise-free operation
  • Smooth and powerful functioning
  • Comes with dust collector
  • Low voltage requirements
  • Dust collection can be further improvised

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Porter-Cable Variable Speed Belt Sander

Belt Dimensions : 4″ X 24″

Porter-Cable belt sander comes with a strong 12-amp motor. The design of this machine is all covered with metal; that gives you durable grips on the machine. It has large dust collector bags, and to make you feel comfortable while working it, it has a belt tracking knob, and you can adjust this knob as you continue your job. Starting from 1000 till 1500 rpm, you can set the speed of this machine according to your needs. For your convenience, the speed button is located at the back of the handle, which gives you an upper hand while controlling the speed transition.

While you are dealing with wood related projects, this machine lets you enjoy the perfect control over the situation. And the belt and gear system also maintain the flow of work by making the transfer of power smooth, right from the motor to the sanding belt.

For long hours’ job, the handle gives you the comfort to finish the job in style.  To eradicate the chances of a hindrance, the dust collector bag is having a 360 degrees turn, which means it will never cross your way, while you are working. This heavy duty belt sander weighs fifteen and a half pound. The machine is only designed for experts because of the heavy electric power it attracts.

Porter Cable gives a warranty of 3  years, means anything goes wrong in those three years, you can call for the claim.

  • Excellent design quality
  • Great speed and grip
  • Long lasting
  • Changeable belts
  • Weighs quite heavy

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Hitachi SB8v2 Variable Speed Belt Sander

Belt Dimensions : 3″ X 21″

Since the date of the first production, Hitachi is on the way to construct more and more innovations in this walk of life. They have also improved the work and technological ethics for in this field.

Speaking about Hitachi variable handheld belt sander, there is a diversity in speed belt, and it is very much strong 9.0 Amp or 1020 Watts power hungry machine. The power of the motor is immense and that it is enough to remove tough material.

This machine is perfect for steel, wood and paint removal. Due to the improvised location of the dust bag, the corner sanding is enhanced. The bag is now situated on the left side. The belt pulley of this machine is located on the right-hand side. Giving other machines a tough competition, it also comes with a various velocity dial, coated grip on the duos, sub, and main handles.

Other improvised traits of this machine are multiple speed buttons, the dust bag minimises the fragments and keeps the working habitat clear.

  • Variable speed provision
  • Dust collector bag is provided
  • Easy handling
  • Comes with a velocity dial
  • Low noise
  • Nothing major, however, dust collector might not pick up 100% of the dust

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WEN 6502 Belt/Disc Sander

Belt Dimensions : 4″ X 36″

Disc Dimension: 6″

WEN is one of the leading players when it comes to power tools. We have featured WEN 6502 Belt/Disc sander on this list considering the dual advantages of this machine and also because of the effortless ways this product can wipe off splinter and corners on your wood and lumber. This device comes with a 4.3 amp and a half horsepower motor. Manual labor will also be required to keep this machine stay put on the ground while working.

WEN will be a perfect working tool for you because of its capability. It can turn from zero to ninety degrees while sanding, adjusting itself to your working environment. The bulky iron cast keeps it stable and away from any vibration.

This machine will also give you the liberty to add a six-inch additional disc, which means you can sand anything. This additional disc is integrated by a sturdy cast aluminum workbench. You will be receiving an eighty grit sanding disc and belt. With this equipment, you will also receive mitre equipment, which will serve your sanding needs on any angle edge. You will also have a stop bar for protection and control along with a 2.25” dust port to link it with a dust excerptor.

  • Dual advantage of belt and disc sanding capabilities
  • Low priced
  • Additional utility features such as stop bar protection etc.
  • A bit of manual labor is needed to run this machine
  • Belt guard could have been little bigger

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Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander

Belt Dimensions : 3″ X 21″

Black and Decker are one of the world’s leading supplier of home improvement. DS321 by Black and Decker is no exception to the amazing quality products they make.  DS321 belt sander will make sure that you will have access to the tightest edges. If you want to chop down the flushing sand, it will do so.

If your goal is to improve your home and fill your home needs, then this 6.0-amp sander from Black & Decker is the best for you. The traits of this belt sander are it’s lightweight and also being compact. The booster installed in this machine also gives you the maximum control on this device, and it also cleans your working habitat by taking in all the dust, so that you can have an improvised vision of your place.

One of the unique features of this product is, it makes sandpaper changing task a breeze.It gives you control over the ultimate release lever and adjustment handle. This trait ensures that the belt is in its proper place and there is no hindrance in your work.

This product has two years working warranty. And the weight of Black & Decker is only 8.2 pounds. The machine also has a medium grit sanding belt, dust collector bin and an instruction manual in the kit.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Allows you to be in full control while on sanding job
  • Dust collector is provided
  • Not much diversity in speed

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Belt Sander and its Applications

If you haven’t come across a belt sander in your entire life, then it is high time for you to know one. Before getting hold of your very own belt sander, you need to invest a bit of time in getting to know the best sander equipment. When compared with a hand sander or a drilled disc, belt sander appears to be a lot livelier, larger in size and heavier than them.

Sanding sometimes gets quite a boring job. It costs a lot of time; there is no thrill in it, and above all, it is tedious. But without the art of sanding, all your hard work about sanding will not pay off. The hefty amount of work that you have done will go in vain, and there will be no one to celebrate.

Fortunately, after the introduction of a variety of talented equipment, which is designed to shape metal, wood without sweating a lot, helping you out to do a good job.

The experience of managing belt tracking, importing, changing belts, and along with the attraction of the belt chomp on the workpiece will all be a new experience to your resume. You should try it on different kinds of materials such as hardwoods, metal, laminated sheets or another piece of materials that you work with, to know about the machine.

An important tip to remember is, before making your contact with the piece of work, you should turn on the belt sander. And after completing the job, make sure to switch it off after you have taken it off the workpiece. When belt sander is being placed on your workpiece, ensure that the leveled paten is placed parallel to the belt sander.

Once it gets going on the workpiece, keep the flow on the right track, to neglect any chance of falling out. Your only job will be to point the belt sander because the enormous weight of belt sander is enough to provide pressure. One thing to note is, bearing down will inflict some damage on the sander.

There should be proper calibration of sander with the workpiece such as moving it with the grain of the wood. If your intentions are to move it across the grain, a belt sander will dig a huge hole correctly, if you left it on one sport for a long time.

We told you, there is quite an investment of time needed in learning about belt sanders.

Picking the Best Belt Sander

The perfect sander machine is mainly required for polishing some huge and horizontal grounds, especially those, which are rugged. When it is a matter of velocity and fortitude in the machines, no one can take the lead from these machines. The motor is used to move the rear, and at the same instance, the forward sheets have the liberty to move freely. If you use these sanders according to their expertise, you will be having viewing the best surface and a marvelous job.

Orbital finishing sander is an excellent choice for glossy stock eradication. If you are thinking to wipe off some thick rugged surfaces, then don’t think of it. Due to the lightweight feature, it is like a piece of cake to control, and after finishing the job, you can also remove fine fragments from the ground. And this is also a noise-free machine.

When you are thinking to give the best finish, precision, and perfection to your surface, the random orbit is the best sander. This machine oscillates in minimal rings, and it might also vibrate to put off the work with some excellent depth. If your purpose is the combination of both wiping off the stock and give outstanding plain sanding, then this machine suits your need.

If you want sand circle precision in your work, then oscillating spindle will best suit your need. With sand rings, this machine also gives you the best in fashion and out of fashion textures.

If you want to reach some far away from the tight and congested place, where the other circular motion will not do the job, then select straight line sander. Straight line sander is most of the time, powered by air, and they are very much rich in resources on many sealed place over a fragment furniture.

Drum Sander versus a Belt Sander

To finish a job, belt sanders give fierce competition to drum sander. You will find belt sander more in everyday use and easy to find than a drum sander because belt sander’s system can be understood by a layman and they are a lot easier to use. The level of energy for drum sanders also skyrocket when compared with a belt sander.

Such as belt sanders only require 110 volts of energy to work and drum sanders top the list with 220 volts. Doubling the power level.

The edge drum sander has over belt sander is, their capability to wipe off rugged fragments is higher than any other sander. They come with a width of 8 to 12 inches. If your floor requires a heavy job such as removing older hardwood floor or removal of deep scratches, drum sanders are feasible for you.

If you want to redo a finished job such as redoing small scale beveled floor, drum sander should be your choice. And they should only be used by an expert, who has the right knowledge to put a full stop when the job is done. If a newbie gets his hand on the drum sander, he will undergo a lot of pain.

Belt sanders have a simple function when it comes to putting sanding belts off and on, without much of efforts. Drum sanders consume a lot of time to put the sheet in a single drum. Belt sanders also have another benefit to their name; clamping is harder in drum sanders.

How a Belt Sander Functions?

Belt sander makes use of a running belt that moves in a two or three pulleys. Among the pulleys, the idler pulley is used to guide belt sander, while drive pulley, move forward the belt. But to ease the situation and give them the best, most models make use of an automatic belt feature in the middle of the pulley. When you are operating the belt sander, this feature will make sure, that no belt slips from its position.

First of all, before turning on a belt sander, your top priority is to wear fitted clothes, because belt sander has significant torque. And that is why your loose fit clothes, should stay away for belt sanders.

After completing the first requirement, start the belt sander and get belt sander’s motor on the full throttle. Make use of your two hands; one should be towards handle to make the workflow smooth, and another hand should be placed on the trigger. Making use of your two hands, bring down the belt sander with a lean forward style. The back end of the sander should come in contact with the wood first then the rest of the body, gradually. The face of the sander should be down on the wood.

Your hands should be firmly placed on the belt sander because after gripping the wood; it will instantaneously move forward. Your aim should be, not to allow the sander to stay in one place for a long time and try to do as much work with a piece of wood as you can. The belt sander which will be having a coarse belt will do the job of tearing a hefty amount of stock at a surprising rate. So, keep it moving.

Keep checking the rate of work at constant intervals. An important tip for you people is, don’t press the wood too hard, keep it firm and gentle because moving it hard on the piece of wood, will leave damage marks. And those will need a repair later.

How Many Types of Belt Sanders are there?

Belt Sander

It is the top-notch gear among the belt sander’s family tree. Belt sander demands an uninterrupted supply of sandpaper, and there are two roles placed in it. This beast is only used for some heavy duty work, such as wiping off superfluous material. This is the best sander for those people, who have some heavy and high-profile work to put off such as polishing various desk grounds and wooden surfaces.

Wide-Belt Sander

This is an enormous size machine, which looks very much familiar with the idea of a planer, but its size is very much gigantic. Instead of designing head of a planer, an enormous size sand belt head is used. This mechanism demands air to maintain the tension of a belt via a different channel, who has only one purpose to supply power. These wide belt sanders are used only for rough sanding jobs on monstrous materials.

Belt/Disc Sanding Workstation

It is a build in the sander, so there is only one thing left at your end to run the motor and finish what you have started. You can make your small home shop with this sander. The result from the sanding with this machine is excellent. This is a small budget sanding machine, which does the right job for you on the right time.

Compact Disc Sander

There are small size disc sanders that will do the right job for you. You can easily use this type of sander, with one hand due to their ability to be light. For far away rugs, you can call this sander to wipe them off.

Variable Speed Belt Sander

These are versatile belt sanders. Being portable in use, these are a perfect match for you small sanding needs and also taking care of large sanding. You have the freedom to pick any machine that matches your needs from the lot. They also come with various weights and strengths to finish the job in style.

These all are the kinds of belt sanders; every sander is made to do a particular job. There are Sanders which will only cater your home needs; some will look for your firm’s needs and while there is also some wander, which will take care of both your home and office needs.

Wrapping Up – Which is the Best Belt Sander?

After going through our belt sander reviews (and buying guide), hope you have a fair idea to select the best belt sander. Just to help you out further, if you are planning to buy a product only for your home needs, then Black & Decker’s product has everything to cheer you. It is low in price and has some great features to its name. This is a lightweight product and will serve all your home base needs.

Makita is the fastest machine in the lot, but the drawback to this machine is that it’s not a diverse speed machine. Every time you will work on the same level of speed. However, there are also many more benefits for Makita such as it will serve all your gigantic sanding needs, with thrusting speed.

From the entire list, Porter-Cable is the priciest product, with about $250 (at the time of publishing).  Again, this is a very powerful machine. The advantage of the Porter-Cable sander is that you can adjust speed according to your needs, giving you an edge over Makita.

If you want some heavy machine to finish your work but working on a tight budget, then Hitachi belt sander can be your great pick. Boasts a high-quality body and being diverse in the speed, it will work according to your sanding needs.

WEN and Black & Decker are the only two machines which are having the benefit of tilting belts. WEN is little faster than Black & Decker, which can also serve your home needs.

So, that’s it from our team. Hope you enjoyed this belt sander buying guide and the top picks from our team. Go over this post again if you would like to understand which product suits your needs better and make an informed decision.

Happy sanding!

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