25 Best Woodworking Blogs

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Woodworking is one of the practices that have the richest history. This is due to the fact that wood has always been readily available. For many years, woodworkers have made efforts to perfect their craft. With the advancement in technology, woodworkers are now able to share their experiences and tips and learn from other people who share the same passion.

Blogs and websites are one of the easiest and the best way to share their knowledge and experience.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the best blogs on woodworking compiled in a single blog post so that you can check them out and learn? Here are the 25 best woodworking blogs that can be of great help to woodworkers.

1. Paul Sellers –  Lifestyle Woodworker & Blogger (https://paulsellers.com/)

Paul Sellers is the best of the lot for a number of reasons. When looking for a good blog, you need one that will offer you a chance to learn as much as you can about woodworking. Paul Sellers refers to himself as an amateur woodworker. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

This is a man who has more than 49 years of experience in woodworking and has some of his work in the white house. He has also written books on the subject and shares numerous videos with his viewers. You can also connect with him on Facebook, where he shares numerous tips and tutorials.

2. Popular Woodworking Blog (https://www.popularwoodworking.com/)

This blog is run by the editors of Popular Woodworking Magazine. The great thing about this blog is the fact that there are numerous tutorials and videos that you can pick excellent tips from. Apart from this, the bloggers also review tools so as to help their viewers have an easy time choosing tools. No wonder, the blog has a good number of followers.

3. Make Something. TV (https://makesomething.tv/)

Make something.TV is a great blog for people who are starting out as well as for people who have been doing woodworking projects for a while. David Picciuto is a guy who started out with the intention of adding a personal touch to his craft and has over the years managed to do great work. He gives tutorials and tips and has influenced a large audience. There is a lot to learn from this site.

4. The Unplugged Wood Shop (https://www.theunpluggedwoodshop.com/)

Tom Fidgen has made a great contribution to the woodworking industry through his numerous publications. You will definitely learn a lot from his blog where he shares tips, ideas, and amazing tutorials. You can find him on Facebook.

5. Woodworkers Association (https://www.modernwoodworkersassociation.com/)

If you are looking for a forum where you can share tips and information on woodworking with people who share your passion, this is the blog for you. There is an open forum, podcasts, videos and so much more. You can also get the on Facebook,

You can also get connected with this blog on Facebook

6. Tom’s Workbench (https://tomsworkbench.com/)

Tom Iovino is a very talented man when it comes to woodworking. The amazing thing about him is the fact that he has worked in his garage since the year 1998. His work is stunning and is a great inspiration for those who share the same passion.

7. David J. Marks (https://www.djmarks.com/)

David is the former host of the TV Show Woodworks and, therefore, has a lot of experience in the field. His blog has a lot of tips and techniques he shares with his audience and a couple of tutorials that have helped beginners and experienced woodworkers over the years.

8. The Penultimate Wood shop (https://www.penultimatewoodshop.blogspot.co.ke/)

Dyami Plotke runs this blog. He is one of the members of the Modern Woodworkers Association and is known for doing a good job of hosting. He is, however more talented as can be seen in the videos and tutorials he shares on woodworking on his blog.

9. The Wood Whisperer (https://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/)

From this site, you will get numerous videos, articles, podcasts, tutorials, news and so much more. All the information you need on woodworking can easily be accessed in this blog.

10. Matt’s Basement Workshop (https://mattsbasementworkshop.com/)

This is not just a blog but also a podcast run by Matt Vanderlist who is without a doubt very talented and shares numerous information on how to be good woodworkers. There is a lot to learn from this blog.

11. Ana-White’s Blog (https://www.ana-white.com/)

This blog is perfect for people who want to try doable projects that are easy to execute. Ana offers a number of DIY’s that are easy to follow through. This blog offers great inspiration for woodworkers and is worth the try.

12. Dan’s Hobbies (https://www.dans-hobbies.com/)

This is another site that is great for people who want to try projects that are easy to do and do not require a lot to accomplish. There is a series of projects that the blogger shares with easy step-by-step guidelines to help you through the project up to completion.

13. Close Grain (https://www.closegrain.com/)

Most people who are passionate about woodwork are not good with tools especially beginners. If you are just starting out and you do not know much or do not have a lot of experience with hand tools, this is the blog for you. This is a good read blog especially for people who would like to learn more about hand tools. Steve Branam has a lot of information on hand tools and also offers great tips on woodworking. There are many tutorials on tools that will benefit you a lot.

14. DCW Woodworks (https://dcwwoodworks.com/)

Doug the blogger has been doing woodworking since 2010. In his blog, he shares some of the things he has learned, tips, videos, and tutorials for his audience. The interesting thing about Doug is how much he has advanced his craft since he started. He is without a doubt very talented and will be a great motivator for you whether you are beginning or you have some experience in woodwork. Their things you get to learn from his blog are endless.

15. Dan’s Shop (https://dans-woodshop.blogspot.co.ke/)

Dan shares a number of articles and information on his journey and some of the things he has learned since he started. This is a very inspiring blog that contains a lot of valuable information on woodworking. This blog can be of most benefit to beginners who do not have a lot of information or skills in woodworking. The blogger’s journey not only inspires you but also gives you a chance to enjoy the journey as you learn how to make things out of wood.

16. Design Matters (https://georgewalkerdesign.wordpress.com/)

If you love George Walker’s column found in the Popular Woodworking Magazine, you will love this blog. It is basically an extension of the information you get on the column that is broader and provides a lot of information on woodworking. There are videos, tips, and tutorials that are really beneficial in boosting your woodworking talents. What makes design matters far better than the magazine is the fact that you get to learn more from the blog as well as interact with numerous people who share your passion. This is a great way to learn and market yourself if you happen to be in the woodworking business.

17. Dominic’s Woodworks (https://www.dominicswoodworks.com/en/)

Dominic is new to blogging about woodworking. There are however several reasons why he is among the 25 best woodworking blogs for 2019. First and foremost, Dominic has a good number of tutorials on his YouTube channel and has numerous tips and information on woodworking for a new blog. Apart from this, he will inspire you to keep at it especially if you are a beginner. This is because he shares his journey and gives you tasks you can actually handle as a beginner. This is a great way to boost your confidence. There is a lot you can learn from this blog.

18. Dorset Custom Furniture (https://www.dorsetcustomfurniture.com/)

This blog is one of the best if you are looking for inspiration on what projects to get on. The company that runs the blog has been in business for over thirty years. They make quality furniture and have numerous pictures of their products on their blog. Taking a look at this blog will open your mind to a wide range of possibilities that come about due to woodworking. The great thing about this website is the fact that you will be learning from people who have been in the business for a long time. This means that the quality of information you get from the blog is very high and dependable. Visit the blog and learn, get ideas and expand your imagination.

19. Flair Woodworks (https://flairwoodworks.com/)

Flair Woodworks is a blog that was created by Chris Wong. He is a very creative woodworker who has managed to make beautiful pieces. On his blog, he shares tips and ideas as well as numerous projects from which you get your own ideas on what you need to do to achieve great woodwork results. Chris is very active on Twitter. This makes it easy for you to get direct information from him. His Twitter handle is @flairWoodworks.

20. Full Chisel (https://www.fullchisel.com/blog/)

The woodwork in the 19th century was very great in terms of design and detail. This is probably because, at the time, woodworkers were learning new techniques with the help of quality technology. Most woodworkers tend to like 19th-century work more compared to other centuries. The Full Chisel blog focuses on 19th-century projects and is a great place to learn about this kind of furniture. There are numerous articles, tutorials, and videos that will go a long way in helping you master your craft in woodworking.

21. Fun With Woodworking (https://www.funwithwoodworking.com/)

If you are just starting out in woodworking, this is the best woodworking blog for you. Donald is also a beginner and he shares his journey and some of the things he has learned since he started. This blog is very important because it enables you to learn about common mistakes that beginners make which gives you a head start since you will learn how to avoid these mistakes early enough. There are numerous videos and tutorials that are easy to follow. This blog gives you a fun experience and is a great starting point for learning.

22. Garage Woodworks (https://www.garagewoodworks.com/)

If you are the kind of person who loves working at home and trying out new things, you will definitely like this blog. Brian shares his projects in video format as he works from his garage. The tutorials given are easy step-by-step guidelines that will help you come up with incredible items. He has over seven years of experience in woodworking and is, therefore, a great source of information.

23. Half Inch Shy (https://www.halfinchshy.com/)

Half inch shy is one of the blogs that has a lot of content on woodworking. The blogger basically shares his personal experience as a woodworker since he started back in 2009. Over the years, he seemed to have learned so much and he shares this with his audience. From the blog, you will find numerous tutorials, tips and several articles that will be of much help if you are looking for woodwork information. The blogger also has a YouTube channel you can subscribe to and get informed each time there is a new video. Half Inh Shy is a great and fun blog.

24. Ibuildit.ca (https://www.ibuildit.ca/)

John Heisz started this blog in the year 2011. On the blog, he shares articles, videos, plans and numerous projects that everyone who is passionate about woodwork can benefit from. Apart from learning woodwork, it is also possible that you will get inspired to start your own blog. This is because there have been a number of people who have started their own woodwork blogs after visiting the blog.

25. Jeff Ferguson. Com (https://www.jeff-ferguson.com/)

If you are passionate about writing about woodworking, the Jeff Ferguson blog will be very beneficial for you. Jeff is very talented in writing and has a number of articles on woodworking on his blog from which you can borrow some ideas. Apart from this, there are numerous tips and project ideas on the blog as well. you can use this to decide on what to venture into next if you are having a hard time deciding what to make.

The Bonus 5

While the above list is not really chronologically sorted in any order, we shortlisted those blogs based on various parameters such as freshness, relevancy to changing trends, etc. However, we couldn’t resist including few legendary blogs on woodworking in this bonus section. Here are those, again in no particular order.

1. Steve Ramsey (https://woodworking.formeremortals.net/ & https://www.youtube.com/user/stevinmarin)

If you are looking for some amazing videos about woodworking and DIY experiments, Steve’s Youtube channel won’t disappoint you! You can also be part of engaging the community at the website too.

2. Jay’s Custom Creations (https://jayscustomcreations.com/)

One can’t just ignore Jay’s blog and Vlog if they happen to have a heart for woodworking. Packed with lots of great content about woodworking plans, sketches, videos, and discussions, Jay’s blog is surely one of the ‘go-to’ resources on the internet when it comes to woodworking topics!

3. Art & Home by Jon Peters (https://jonpeters.com/)

John Peters packs over a quarter-century of experience (we are serious, it’s 25 years) in woodworking and his blog is a heaven for DIY’ers and enthusiasts with the opportunity to go through step-by-step tutorials for enriching their learnings. They will also find some cool tips for home & garden on this site.

4. The Woodpecker (https://thewoodpecker.net/)

Being run by Alain Vaillancour, woodpecker.net has lots of good content about FAQ about woodworking projects and more than 100 videos. Take time to visit this resource and you will be amazed by the quality information this site shares with its readers.

5. Matt Cremona (https://www.mattcremona.com/)

From everyday furniture to advanced stuff, you will find it all there at Matt’s blog. There are videos as well on his blog answering questions from the readers.

Closing Thoughts & Your Turn

Hope you enjoyed this compilation of top woodworking blogs. Just want to know if we missed any blog that you think was needed to be included? Or is there a blog you follow regularly and not included here?  Please use below comment box below to let us know!

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